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'RING GOES SOUTH' is currently trending on THE BLACKLIST.










LOGLINE: Pizza delivery man TOBY HUTH loves two things in life; 'THE LORD OF THE RINGS' and his girlfriend AMBER. When Amber rejects his marriage proposal on the set of the shire, Toby ventures to destroy the engagement ring in a real volcano... with a little help from THE actual SEAN ASTIN, who's been living rough on the streets of New Zealand for twenty years...


"This script uses the Lord of the Rings as a blueprint for an outrageously silly comedy. It's incredible, pulling off things that shouldn't work, but do. Toby is incredibly focused on his girlfriend Amber, trying to get her back long after he's found out that he was delusional about their relationship. One-upping Toby's delusion, Sean Astin insists on being called Sam, and is wearing a raggedy version of his LOTR costume. There's death and destruction galore around them, but the characters are so dumb and sweet that everything is hilarious. The dialogue and writing is incredible, funny and surprising throughout. The wonky engagement ring that Toby buys drags him into flashbacks. Toby believes Sean when he says that everyone else wants to get the ring. Severely wounded, Toby puts on the ring and thinks he's invisible in the last act. It's hilarious. The scene at the volcano is maybe more tense than the LOTR version. Though the LOTR references and lore are appreciated, this is a comedy for everyone, about nostalgia, obsession, and JRR Tolkien... this script is incomparable, a joy to read." - BLACKLIST REVIEW


"Ring Goes South" has a fun high concept well-realized with a great setting and a hilarious characterization of a real-life star. The Lord of the Rings super fan finding misadventure in New Zealand reaches a manic degree when Sean Astin, of all people, encourages Toby to destroy the rejected engagement ring in Mount Doom. The portrayal of Sean Astin here is funny, wacky, and sometimes surprisingly poignant. The scene where Toby prods him about his relations with his co-stars is a highlight, as is the montage at the end where Sean relives some of his other roles, from "The Goonies" to "Toy Soldiers". Sean brings pathos as well as humor. His nostalgia and struggle to move on from The Lord of The Rings movies is real, and we can sense he needs some help himself. The ending, where he and Toby reunite and start out on another voyage, is tremendously satisfying. It's pleasing to see Sean not simply as a goofy celebrity cameo, but as a true friend." - BLACKLIST REVIEW














LOGLINE: 1941 - THE BLITZ! Hitler's Luftwaffe Bombers leave Britain in ruins. When an intrepid group of children track down a crashed German Bomber and its sole Nazi survivor, they engage in their own personal warfare!


"This is a tense, high concept thrill ride, boasting solid characters, strong action writing, and smart plotting. The initial air raid is terrifyingly wrought, with clear, human stakes, swift pacing, and devastating details. Thomas really works as a revenge-hungry child unable to fully comprehend the consequences of violence and war. Pat's extended monologue chills to the bone and is the perfect midpoint for the story, a portend of the narrative's imminent horrors. Killing Luke early is another smart call, as it grants real stakes to the frequent air raids, a sense of vulnerability amongst the teens, and a greater urgency to deal their Nazi prisoner. The ethical questions raised on how to handle prisoners of war are appropriately skewed by the teenagers' ignorance, and each character's position feels properly motivated by their individual circumstances. The story is generally well-paced, with a strong series of escalations and obstacles building to the inevitable bloody confrontation. The climactic cat and mouse fight is as nasty and unpleasant as one would expect, and the writing insures each Chekov's gun is fired before the dust settles. Thomas has a complete, sensible arc, seeing the error of his fails as he fails to avoid conscription. His fate - to enter one of the most hellish theaters of war imaginable - is poetic." - BLACKLIST REVIEW


"Though our characters are young, they represent some really striking, dramatic themes about a community's psyche during war. Thomas is understandably quick to violence, still reeling from so much relentless bloodshed in his life. His friends often call him out on it, but ultimately he's the one with survival instincts. Derek has a really interesting conflict, with his father as a conscientious objector, and although he tries to apply fairness and mercy to the situation with this German, he discovers, too late, that he can't always expect that same courtesy in return. Pat, Thomas's grandfather, adds a particularly profound, tragic wisdom to the story. He's a special character, and we're relieved to see him return at the end to try to help Thomas and his friends. These kids find themselves in a really tense dilemma, and we're on the edge of our seat in the first act, wondering what they're going to do about this POW. This is definitely a starkly tragic coming of age story; these young characters grow up fast, and there's a quick succession of unfathomable loss. The script paints a dark but realistic picture of what it might have been like to grow up in the fog of WWII." - BLACKLIST REVIEW



































'CHECK SURROUNDINGS FOR SAFETY' is currently trending on The Blacklist.


LOGLINE: Substitute biology teacher EUGENE CLAYTON suspects that troubled student NICK WATTS has sinister plans for the school after finding bullets in the boy's bag - but is his paranoia justified, or just delusional? When Eugene falls victim to a series of mysterious pranks and crimes, he's sure he's found his answer.


"CHECK SURROUNDINGS FOR SAFETY benefits from a strong writing style that builds cinematic moments via text rather than simply offering chunks of prose outlining action, lending the story a slick energy that makes the pages fly by. It helps that the premise is fantastic... It's tense, engrossing and - perhaps surprisingly - quite funny, with the first and second act getting into a darkly comedic rhythm that enhances the suspense rather than interrupting it. The sense of mounting pressure established by the writer is really gripping" - BLACKLIST REVIEW


"The script is extremely timely, and is not only successful as a well-executed psychological thriller, but an exquisite portrait of today's political hysteria surrounding guns and gun control. Eugene's descent into madness is mapped so carefully that the audience will likely be on the edge of their seat, wondering what it means to be paranoid if you're right. up until the story's closing pages, Eugene's suspicions could be well-founded -- but he still overreacts with a chilling paranoid hysteria. The slow escalation is perhaps one of the script's most well-crafted aspects... So too with the well placed mysterious backstory. This is a pattern of behavior, one the audience is left to guess at as it is revealed piece by piece. Once the reader understands the full picture, Eugene's actions in the closing act are not only believable, but so terribly tragic as they establish a pattern of behavior, namely, what can happen when fear takes hold. In a time where the cries to arm teachers are not few, this is as well-crafted a portrait against that argument as it gets." - BLACKLIST REVIEW


"The script has a bright future ahead. With the limited scope of locations and characters, it would likely have a relatively small budget which is a boon since any production company or studio is far more likely to take a risk on a lower budgeted project. The project could have a very wide audience considering the immediate appeal of the genre as well as those interested in something with more bite in terms of its social comment. This is becoming more and more in vogue in the vein of projects like GET OUT, which succeed first as a genre piece and second as something more. It might be worth considering approaching specific talent that are socially minded, an A-list for instance would be Mark Ruffalo -- he's active on social media regarding gun control, and could certainly attach himself to produce if not to star. Packaging that way, rather than going directly to a studio or production company would be one way forward. At the very least the script will serve as an excellent sample, one that can prove the writer's adeptness at crafting a slow, consistent burn thriller, and one with teeth in terms of its message. The writing doesn't shy away from making its protagonist unlikable and irredeemable, even if his actions are somewhat understandable. The age of the antihero might be over, but the accidental villain could be next." - BLACKLIST REVIEW