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"Played with uncanny precision by Dominic Burgess, Baby Jane co-star Victor Buono lets Feud give a nod to the plight of closeted actors in Hollywood at that moment and also to smartly weave in Davis' treasured ties to the gay community" - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Dominic Burgess is cuttingly good as co-star Victor Buono" - SIOUX CITY JOURNAL 

"The real find of the series is Burgess, whose layered performance as the quirky and proudly gay Buono gives the series a grounding... The growing friendship between Davis and Buono is a highlight and hopefully Buono’s Oscar nomination for “Baby Jane” will be mirrored by Burgess’ Emmy win for “Feud" " - THE WASHINGTON BLADE

"The best of the men, though, is Dominic Burgess as Victor Buono, cast as the love interest for Davis’ Jane in the movie and enthralled with Davis, who has a fervent following among gay men, closeted (as Buono is) or not. His reaction to Davis sweeping in and tossing off an unprintable insult at Aldrich is an instant classic that shouldn’t be spoiled." - ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH


SAM DID IT - LA Comedy

"Putting it bluntly, if you don't love Sam Did It you're, well, probably dead.


In the lead role, Burgess is a complete joy, a lovable bloke who loves his job working in a local morgue almost as much as he absolutely adores his favorite celebrity, Alfred Molina." - THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC

"Alfred Molina is dead and loving it in 'SAM DID IT'" - ASPEN FILM

"Not only is Sam Did It a funny and twisted short film, it’s also a prime example of what a short film can and should do... Burgess is immediately likable and funny and you just go along for the ride. '" - THE NERD'S TEMPLAR